5-12 Years – Academy & Let Them Play


Academy Sessions follow our ‘Developing the Player’ coaching plan and are designed to develop the individual player whilst learning to play within a team.

We want sessions to be fun but we also like to challenge our players as much as we can.

The sessions are tiered on age and ability and are open to boys and girls. Sessions are structured as follows:

  • Ball Mastery Warm Up
  • Game Related Exercises
  • Games

We have a 7 week cycle of different themes that helps develop the all round game of the players involved.

  1. Control, Technique & Awareness
  2. Attacking
  3. Defending
  4. Ball Retention
  5. Fitness & Agility
  6. Tactical Awareness (age relative)
  7. Games

There’s no gimmicks with mannequins or makers all over the court. The coaches provide the players with game related scenarios and the players are allowed the freedom to express themselves and to problem solve based on the different scenarios that the sessions and futsal brings up.

Over the last 5 years, we have had amazing success within our Fife Academy, with 0ver 70 players signing professional contracts or training with professional clubs. This number continues to rise year on year.

If you want to push yourself to the next level, Academy sessions are the ones for you!!

Let Them Play

Let Them Play Sessions do exactly as they say. We let the children go out there, enjoy themselves and experience the benefits of futsal with only minimal guidance from the coaches.

The sessions are perfect for all levels and those just looking to enjoy futsal.