Summer League Information

The Futsal Escocia Summer Leagues start on Sunday 24th April 2022 at the following age groups:

  • Liga 1 – Adult 
  • Liga 2 – 2007-2009 
  • Liga 3 – 2010-2012
  • 2012-2014 (3, 4 & 5 a side)
  • 2014-2016 (3 a side)

Matches are every 2 weeks with Liga 1, 3 and the 2014-2016’s playing on the 24th April. Liga 2 and the 2012-2014’s will start on the the 2nd May 2022.

Liga 1-3 matches are competitive with scores recorded, however, player development is the priority.

The 2012-2016’s will follow the top futsal and football academies and play internal small sided games with different pitch sizes, pitch layouts and conditions to challenge the players technically, physically and mentally.

More advanced players will have the opportunity to play up levels if their attitude, effort and attendance merits it.

The whole purpose of Liga 1 is to prepare the players for the Futsal Escocia first team that currently plays in the Scottish Futsal League – Edinburgh.

If you’d like to be involved please email here.