Youth Summer Leagues - Update

May 7, 2021

The leagues start this Sunday and here's some important information for players, coaches and parents.

Fixture times and venues

All fixtures are on the league section of the website. Liga 1-Liga 3 are played at Michael Woods, Glenrothes and Liga 4 is at Rosyth Fleet Grounds.

Pitch Layout/Equipment

The pitches are to be marked similar to as as detailed in the image. You can access the information under venues. For Liga 4 there is a retreat line 12 yards from each goal. For the keepers we unfortunately have no box and common sense is to be used. There will be match balls and bibs at each venue.


Rules and Regulations

We have updated the rules for the summer leagues and because we are playing football. One of the main changes is unlimited use of the keeper with their feet. We feel that this rule will help keepers develop an important part of the game.

You can access the up to date rules here:

If there are any issues in the games please submit an incident form and make Russell aware.


Following SYFA directives, only Liga 1 and 2 are competitive and only matches from those leagues will post match results. For Liga 3 and 4 if coaches can feed back the scores it helps with the structure of future leagues and the split in Liga 4 after the first round of fixtures.

We recommend that coaches download a futsal scoreboard app on their phone to record the scores and keep track of time and subs.

Veo camera/galleries

We have 3 Veo cameras available for the matches and we will rotate between Michael Woods and Rosyth. We will also have our photographer taking actin images from the games.


Only coaches and players are permitted within the astroturf pitches. as the areas surrounding the pitches are public places we respectfully request that spectators adhere to the current government guidelines with regards to social distancing.

Futsal Escocia Youth Team

As per the email, parents are to notify their coaches if their child is unavailable to play asap. This will allow the coaches to use players from the league below if required. Coach contact details are on the website.

Enjoy the league

Finally, we wish all the players, coaches and teams the best of luck for the leagues. Over the summer we only have 4 leagues and a range of abilities and ages between the squads. Every player will be faced with a different challenge and for those in the Futsal Escocia Youth teams there will be opportunities for players to challenge themselves up a level.

For us it is not about winning, it is about giving the players additional games, developing better players and just as importantly, developing better people.

Good luck everyone!!!