Academy Sessions

The Academy is where our players train on a weekly basis. Our whole ethos is to develop individuals in a fun and challenging environment.

Through the different stages, session plans differ depending on age and level of ability.

Players are placed in sessions based on their age, gender, level of ability and their biological age. The biological development is assessed through Raeside Pro Edge Conditioning. The environment that players are placed is vital for their overall development.

Our Academy structure has been extremely successful with over 120 players from Fife progressing to pro academy football and a number of those going on to represent their national team at football and futsal.

5-7 years

At this age group developing motor skills and multi directional movements are important for providing the foundations. A typical session at this age will include:

  • 15 minutes fun warm up developing motor skills
  • 15 minutes with the ball working on individual skills and mastering the fundamentals (dribbling, passing, control)
  • 30 minutes small sided games

We will use different pitch layouts, different pitch sizes and different sizes of balls to challenge the players. Keep the kids active, don't over complicate it, and make it FUN!!!

7-9 years

At this age group we start introducing 5v5 and very basic tactical elements such as keeping the pitch big in possession and making it smaller out of possession. We do not pigeonhole players in certain positions and actively encourage them to rotate all over the court. This helps players develop both feet and their understanding of the game.

A typical session will include:

  • 20 minutes mastering the fundamentals
  • 20 minutes small sided games
  • 20 minutes full court games

9-13 years

At this age group we look more closely at the tactical elements of the game and look to improve their decision making. Game related exercises help develop game awareness and game intelligence. We have a different theme each week:

  • Control, Technique & Awareness
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Ball Retention
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Small Sided Games
  • Games

Teens & Adults

This is an age where a lot of players stop sports and we do all we can to keep players engaged, active and involved. This stage is to prepare players for the adult game. If we have players still involved in adulthood, we have done a great job. We are delighted that a number of our adult players have been involved in futsal from when we started. Some have also gone into coaching roles helping the next generation of players!!