Team Pathway

The Futsal Escocia Teams provide players with the opportunity to put their futsal coaching into practice and to play matches.

Our teams start from u7 age group and continue all the way to adult sides with teams in the Scottish Futsal Leagues.

Team involved in Liga 1-8 in the winter months are involved in the Futsal Escocia Winter Leagues in Fife. For the 2023/24 winter season, an incredible 124 teams are involved in the leagues.

Slightly different to football, we tier our teams on a number of aspects including age, ability, gender, biological age and maturity. We feel strongly that the current system in football restricts players development and hinders those born later in the year and those biologically behind others.

The first place our coaches should look to if they are short of players is the teams in the league below.

Player development is prioritised ahead of results.

The Teams are open to all Futsal Escocia Academy players.

Liga 8 - Under 7's

Liga 8 is an introduction to futsal and is 3v3. Teams play 5 x 8 minute matches and after each match you move up or down a pitch should you win or lose. The matches are played on a half pitch with dribble in from kick-ins and corners. Matches are played with music in the background and minimal coaching from the side-lines. The whole objective of this structure is to help make the players fall in love with the game.

Liga 5, 6 & 7 - Under 9's

Liga 5-7 are an introduction to the 5 a side game and includes goalkeepers and conditions to help players gain confidence in playing out. Liga 7 is still dribble in from the side, whilst Liga 5 and 6 progress to kick-ins. There's a retreat line to allow players to play out from defence. In line with SYFA rules and regulations, scores are not recorded, however, we try to ensure that matches are competitive.

Liga 3 & 4 - Under 11's

Liga 3 and 4, the conditions are eased slightly. The retreat line is removed and the game is a step closer to the adult format and UEFA conditions. In line with SYFA regulations, no scores are recorded.

Liga 1 & 2 - Under 17's

Liga 1 and 2 are competitive matches with a league table and scores recorded. For Futsal Escocia players, Liga 1 is a pathway and preparation for the B Team. Players can be included in the B or first team from 15 years of age.

B Team

The B team plays in the SFL Edinburgh and is a pathway to our first team squad.

First Team

The first team plays in the SFL Super League with the league winners qualifying for a place in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. First team players will also be considered for international selection.