An Individual Journey

February 21, 2024

Eck from Raeside Pro Edge Conditioning has collated all the data from the last testing and has printed them on sheets for parents to take away.

For someone new to reading the forms, they might be a bit confusing.

If your child has only had one test, they will have a dot on the graph. If they've had numerous tests, it will highlight their progress with a line. Their will also be a different coloured line showing the average for your childs age group (year of birth). Your child will either be above, below or on average for their age group.

It is important to highlight to parents that although the results help us, every child is different.

Children develop at different times, and they are all on their own individual journey. There can be up to 6 years of a difference between the biological age of 2 kids born in the same year. It's also common to see differences with kids born in the first quarter of the year compared to those born in the last quarter (Relative Age Effect). If you think about it, a December 2015 birth is closer to an October 2016 than they are a January 2015. Unfortunately, football doesn't look at that.

I believe it is up to us to recognise the physical differences, alongside their futsal/football playing abilities, and to use the results to place your child in an environment where we believe they will develop better.

Your child's height, weight, acceleration, top speed and strength results are based on a number of factors. Genetics, stages of growth and maturation, effort, how active they are, and their diet are all important aspects.

It's similar with their level of playing ability. An 8 year old child who has been playing futsal or football 5 days a week since they were 4 years of age is naturally going to be more advanced than an 8 year old just starting out.

We place children in our sessions, teams and leagues, based on all the above information. We sometimes get them wrong, but the good thing is there's flexibility to change if we do.

For me, as a coach and parent, the important thing to remember is that your child is on their own journey. Try not to compare them to others and to get at them because someone is maybe developing better. There's most probably a reason why.

All we ask of every child we coach is good attitude, 100% effort and to show a willingness to learn and improve. These are values that everyone can do, irrespective of their level of ability.

Life lessons that will help them in all aspects of their life.

If you are new to Futsal Escocia, we measure the players height, weight and speed and strength tests every 4 months.

If you have any questions with the testing, please get in touch.