Ball Mastery 1 Course

December 29, 2020

We are delighted to say that Futsal Escocia Academy players can now access our first E-Learning Course, Ball Mastery 1. This beginner level course is suitable for ALL our players, even our Niños can try it.

You can register for this course and future courses via the login icon or via the Home Learning section. Once your membership registration has been approved you will be able to access the material for Ball Mastery - Level 1. This will be the first course of many for our players and coaches to develop from home and we are already working on Ball Mastery - Level 2.

The course consists of 10 different exercises for you to work on and master with an added challenge of seeing how quickly you can do 50 of the exercises.

The course will also link in with Ball Mastery 1 zoom sessions that will combine the 10 exercises and HIIT exercises to keep the players ticking over.

Please note that the course is not fully completed and there's still work to be done with the quiz and certificates. With current restrictions, we didn't want you waiting though.

Good luck on the course!!