Completing the Pathway

September 27, 2021

Futsal Escocia are excited to register a team for the Edinburgh Regional Scottish Futsal League, completing our pathway from youths into the adult game. To do this in under 7 years in a sport that was unknown in our area is nothing short of remarkable and is great testament to everyone involved. Well done and thanks everyone.

The adult league is open to players aged 15 and over and will provide our older players with the opportunity to play against men and more more experienced futsal players. It is also a pathway to the Scottish Futsal Super League.

It is our intention to continue playing in our own internal leagues in Fife on a Sunday and to participate in the Scottish League at the Oriam in Edinburgh on a Wednesday.

At this time, we are looking for some older players to be involved in the squads and to help the younger players around them, in particular a goalkeeper.

If you would like involved, please contact Russell Taylor by email at [email protected].