First Team | Fixture

September 15, 2023

The first team will play their first ever Super League match at the Oriam this Sunday!!

After winning the SFL Edinburgh league title last season the teams objective this season is to compete as best as possible against the top teams in the country.

With the merger with FC Edina, we now have a good mixture of youth and experience across a strong squad of players.

Why not head across to the Oriam on Sunday to support the team!!

First Team Squad:

  • Craig Robinson (GK)
  • Paul Mitchell (GK)
  • Kyle Fairley (GK)
  • Cameron Taylor
  • Aiden Mackenzie
  • Roan Kelso
  • Callum Husband (captain)
  • Ryan Shanley
  • Tono Sotelino
  • Liam Kelly
  • Calum Peddie
  • Adam Prior
  • Jude Henderson
  • Leon Keddie
  • Caleb Holness
  • Chris Donnelly
  • Cameron Stevenson
  • Arthur Campbell
  • Callum Hogg
  • Adam Naylor


  • Russell Taylor
  • Robert Peddie

If you would like to sponsor any of the players, please email [email protected]. Sponsorship is £40, with home and away sponsors for each player.