Futsal in Schools

March 15, 2021

Scotland has a national futsal team for men that participates in UEFA and FIFA competitions, however, despite having a mens team there is no structure for youths and females. I may be wrong, but I cannot think of another sport that has this broken structure and no pathway from youth to adult. The question is, how can we change it?

The last year has been an extremely difficult year for everyone but in particular teenagers who have had their school, outside activities and their social life disrupted. These children have missed out on what should have been one of the best years of their life and it will undoubtedly have had an impact on their health and wellbeing. We want to help more children get active and involved in sport, through futsal.

I feel that the best way to increase participation in futsal and to develop the sport is through high schools. High school age groups there's a massive drop out in the participation of sports but we believe that futsal being indoors and played in smaller numbers provides a number of benefits that the likes of football can't.

Working in partnership with the Active School Coordinators, the SFA, the schools and Community Use Schools it is our aim to start the following:

  • Participation futsal sessions for boys and girls at S1/S2 & S3/S4 (before, during or after school)
  • Create school futsal teams for boys and girls at S1/S2 & S3/S4 years
  • Create tournaments/leagues (potentially Friday night)

We have a fantastic group of children involved in our futsal sessions and teams and we want to provide greater opportunities for players to play the game and for the sport to grow. If we have a national team, surely we should look to develop the sport as best as we can and to provide females with the same opportunities as men?

Are school futsal teams something that your child or school would be interested in? Please let us know.