LNFS England

April 1, 2021

The hottest topic in European futsal right now is the partnership between LNFS (Spanish Futsal League) and a newly formed LNFS England.

Would you like to see Scottish futsal follow a similar route and have a more professional structure from youth to adults?

Are the SFA currently doing enough to develop futsal in Scotland?

From a personal perspective I would love to see more professionalism in futsal and people that are passionate about the sport in control of its future. For futsal to grow in Scotland I believe it requires the following:

  • A youth structure for boys, girls and disabled players
  • Futsal in schools
  • Regional Youth Leagues
  • Student leagues
  • Regional select teams
  • National events
  • Youth national teams
  • Better facilities
  • A better link with the other home nations (British Cup)

Would you like to see futsal develop in Scotland and what would you like to see happen? We welcome your comments.

If anyone would like to contact us please email, [email protected]