New Goals | Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre

November 25, 2021

It may seem like a simple and small thing but we have our first proper futsal court in Fife. Thanks to Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre for their support in firstly in marking the new hall with permanent futsal markings and then following that up with new futsal goals.

The tiny details make it much easier for us as a futsal specific group and most importantly help the players, coaches and parents experience futsal in a proper futsal environment.

Our long term goals (pardon the terrible pun) are to have futsal recognised as a sport across Fife and for any new floors to have futsal markings and as many as possible with proper futsal goals. For the game to grow and to be played properly, this is a must not only across Fife but across Scotland as a whole.

Thanks once again to Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre. If you want to register your child for a session at Kirkcaldy or at any other venue across Fife, you can do so via the link below: