Scossie Cup Success

October 28, 2022

Congratulations to all 3 teams that were involved in the Scossie Cups in Dundee and Paisley last weekend!!!

It couldn't have got much better in terms of the results and performances.

On the Saturday the boys' teams won every game and scored a lot of goals over 4 matches on route to the final. In the final the Turquoise and Blue teams met each other and despite their best efforts, it ended 0-0 after 15 minutes. It went to penalties and then sudden death where Kyle Fairley made a terrific save to secure victory for his team. It's just unfortunate that one team had to lose.

On the Sunday the girls continued the great work and went undefeated and without conceding a goal on route to the final. The final against Hamilton Accies highlighted how well the girls played and they scored some fantastic individual and team goals in a convincing victory. The fact the girls were annoyed about losing a goal shows the attitude they had throughout the tournament.

This is the first time Futsal Escocia teams have won this tournament and despite the results not being important at these age groups, it is still good for the players to experience a competitive environment and winning and losing.

What is more pleasing is how the Australian team have been complimenting how good our teams were over the rest of their UK tour.

We now look to build on this success with the boys looking to progress into our first team and by doing more to develop women's futsal in Fife and beyond.

Well done everyone (parents included) for how you represented Futsal Escocia both on and off the court!!