Small Group Sessions

March 30, 2021

Yesterday we launched our new Small Group Sessions and despite the windy conditions they went extremely well.

The small group sessions are structured to improve your child's all round game through the 3 speeds:

PHYSICAL SPEED - Short and sharp game related multidirectional sprints that are related to the game.

TECHNICAL SPEED - 90% of the session is with a ball and to improve the players dribbling, passing, shooting and control.

MENTAL SPEED - This is something that in our opinion a 1-2-1 session does not offer...DECISION MAKING. we firmly believe that for players to develop, they have to make their own decision of when/where to dribble, pass, position ourselves and shoot.

Within the session your child will develop their ability on/off the ball and in attacking and defensive areas.

Here's a few quotes from the boys involved yesterday:

"I thought the small group sessions were really good and lots of fun! It was really good because it was challenging against other players. It helped me work on my speed and turning quickly when I get the ball and having quick speed to het away from the defenders. I had to think quickly and make good decisions on and off the ball"


"I thought it was hard work and lots of fun. I learned about mental, physical and technical speed and how to use this better in a game"


"I really enjoyed the small group sessions as I got lots of time on the ball and had to work really hard for the coach. I met some players I have not met or played with before and they were all good and nice"


"I loved all of the session and cannot wait until the next one on Wednesday"


"It was really good!! It is good for my skills and I want to go back"


If you would like further information on small group sessions, please email us on [email protected] for more information.