The Benefits of 3v3

May 20, 2024

We had another fantastic evening of 3v3's at Michael Woods with the 2015/16's and 2011/12's last night.

In 3v3's there absolutely no hiding place with constant attacking, defending and transitions. The game is intense and provides technical, physical and mental challenges for all of the young players involved.

Studies have shown that 3v3 creates far greater attacking and defending actions per player than 5, 7, 9 or 11 a side football. These actions are vital in youth development.

With the playing area being about 15m x 10m and rules restricting goals scored from your own half, there's no other option than trying to be creative through individual or combination play.

With music on in the background, there's a street football feel to it, with competition provided by moving up or down a pitch after each 8 minute game.

Nearly every kid you see coming off of the court is red faced and soaking of sweat. Some are ecstatic with winning and others are disappointed to lose. This is all part of the experience.

This is exactly why we've decided to go with the 3v3s over the summer. Some parents and coaches want their kids playing a bigger format and on bigger pitches but our main objective is to create better football and futsal players. We are prioritising individual development ahead of team development and we want our players to face different challenges from what they face week in week our at their football clubs.

We want our players to be:

  • Comfortable on the ball under pressure
  • Able to play in tight areas
  • 1v1 dominant
  • Combine in 2s and 3s
  • Creative
  • Playing with intensity
  • Playing with freedom

If children are regularly exposed to this environment, we will 100% see better outcomes.