Youth Summer Leagues 2021

May 4, 2021

We cannot wait for the Futsal Escocia Youth Summer Leagues to return on Sunday 9th May 2021.

For Futsal Escocia Youth Team players, the teams and squads are now available to view on the website. Like previous years, if a team is short of players they should look to the league below for more advanced players to challenge themselves up a level. We have placed players in specific teams, not to win matches but to develop the players. This can include improving their leadership and communication skills.

This year our leagues are run slightly differently with all matches being played on astroturf at facilities in Glenrothes and Rosyth. Being outdoors guarantees matches at a time when there is still some uncertainty, allows parents to watch their children and provides each team and player with the opportunity to make up for lost time by playing every week over the summer.

We will have 4 leagues involved as follows:

Liga 1 -

Liga 2 -

Liga 3 -

Liga 4 -

Liga 4 will split into 2 sections after the first round of fixtures.

Futsal Escocia 2014's will also play friendly matches against external opposition at Rosyth each week, starting with Kelty Hearts 2013's at 6pm at Rosyth this Sunday.

The 2014/15's will play 3v3 matches between 5-6pm at Michael Woods as we feel that this environment will be better for their overall development.

If you are part of the Futsal Escocia Academy and would like to play in the youth teams and leagues please let us know asap.