Youth Winter Leagues 2021/22

October 28, 2021

Another winter of futsal is nearly upon us and this year we are making a few rule changes that we feel will benefit the leagues, matches and most importantly help develop the players involved.


PASS BACKS TO THE KEEPER - To simplify the rules for teams making the transition from football we have decided to allow unlimited use of the keeper for pass backs (cannot pick the ball up) and to encourage teams to use the keeper as a 5th player as often as possible. This rule will benefit the keeper, who in modern day futsal and football, has to be good with the ball at their feet. This rule will be introduced in Liga 3-7 with current futsal rules remaining in Liga 1 and 2.

GOALKEEPER THROWS - In Liga 3-7 keepers will not be alowed to throw the ball into the opposite half of the court. If the ball bounces in the opposite half with nobody touching the ball a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team on the halfway line. This rule is to encourage teams to play from the back and is supported with the aforementioned unlimited use of the keeper rule and the retreat line to be used in Liga 5-7. I seen this rule used during youth matches in Spain and it worked brilliantly.

As above the retreat line will be used in Liga 5-7 where players are to retreat behind the red line about 10 metres out when the ball goes out of play.

All the rules have been adapted to benefit players to encourage players and teams to play with the ball at their feet. The more touches of the ball players get, the more decisions they have to make, the more mistakes they will make and they will develop quicker.

If you want to view the winter league fixtures please check the league section of our website.

We still have space for 1 team in Liga 4 (2011/12), if you are wanting involved please email [email protected]

We cannot wait to get started!!!